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...Our way is reciprocity. The way is wholeness.  From Ayi Kwei Armah, Two thousand seasons
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2012 All the World's Children: A History, Culture and Education Retreat & Study Tour
February 2012


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Welcome to Full Circle Retreats -- African Travel
Welcome to Full Circle Retreats! We provide custom designed educational, cultural and spirit-focused retreats for individuals and organizations seeking to integrate greater cultural understanding and spirituality into their lives. Full Circle Retreats take place in the beautiful country of Ghana, West Africa, a life-changing cultural and spiritual space where you can reach inside yourself and outward to the wisdom of Africa toward greater spiritual growth, renewal and a powerful sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

African Vacations to Ghana, West Africa
Full Circle Retreats are "themed" retreats that focus on areas of interest to those on retreat. So if you are looking for a "tour" that goes far beyond a typical vacation, Full Circle Retreats are for you! Depending on the retreat that you choose, you may find yourself engaged in creative writing and storytelling, doing yoga, involved in hands-on textile experiences like creating batiks or Kente cloth, doing service projects in a local village community or experiencing the various historical and cultural sites that abound in Ghana! Unlike most organized tours or vacation packages, Full Circle Retreats are designed as intimate, small group experiences that are centered on the individual desires of participants within the overall theme of the retreat. And, because it is a retreat, ample time for solitude and personal reflection are also built into the Full Circle Retreat schedule of activities, allowing time for more solo pursuits.

Full Circle Retreats are facilitated by Dr. Cynthia B. Dillard, an enstooled Queen Mother in Ghana, and an internationally recognized educator and author. Her extensive experience and knowledge of Ghana and the African diaspora (as well as her energy, boldness and adventurous spirit) distinguishes Full Circle Retreats as the kind of inspirational opportunity that you will not want to miss! While Full Circle Retreats can be custom designed by request for groups and individuals, some of the themed retreats offered include:

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